Writer in Residence at the Presidential Palace

8 May 2015
Vikram Sampath (right) sharing his work with The Honourable Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

UQ PhD candidate Vikram Sampath has recently served as an inaugural writer-in-residence for a fortnight at the Presidential Palace of India, the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

"The President of India has initiated a first of its kind program," Vikram said.

"The idea is to provide creative minds a picturesque and serene atmosphere to reflect, introspect and also hone their creativity."

Candidates were shortlisted from across India, and Vikram was one of four writers and artists chosen for the honour.

"I was fortunate to be one of those chosen to stay there and showcase my work," Vikram said.

"It also gave me several opportunities to discuss future projects and ideas with both the President and the Prime Minister of India."

Vikram's PhD research is on the advent of the gramophone and its impact on the music of India.
Vikram is also the co-founder and director of the Bangalore Literature Festival and the Archive of Indian Music.