The UQ Chamber Singers in Toowoomba

Sat 8 Sep 2018 7:30pm9:30pm

The UQ Chamber Singers will feature at St Luke's Anglican Church; performing repertoire from a range of composers including Bonetti (UQ Alumnus), Brumby, Leek, Poulenc, Morton (Director) and many more.   



Gloria ad modum tube  -  Guillaume Du Fay


Some Latin Texts Then

Agnus Dei from Missa L’homme arme  - Josquin

Pater Noster - Jacob Handl

                                                    Salve Regina - Antonio Lotti


                                    Songs Now

                                                     Until I Saw – Stephen Leek

                                                     Rookery – Stephen Leek

Balow – Colin Brumby

                                                     O my dear hert – Colin Brumby

                                                     Wake Up – Paul-Antoni Bonetti


Some Latin Texts - Now

            Ubi caritas – Graeme Morton

Salve Regina - Francis Poulenc

O nata lux - Morten Lauridsen


Songs Then and Now

             Prenez sur moy – Johannas Ockeghem

Black Swana – arr. Stephen Leek

Bullocky-O – arr. Graeme Morton

Tickets are sold at the door. $20/$15