2020 UQ Art Museum Series

In 2020 the School of Music has continued to collaborate with the UQ Art museum; presenting concerts that feature alumni and staff working in the genres of electro-acoustics, structured improvisation, electronic dance music, and contemporary classical music. The series fosters an ongoing partnership between our two prestigious institutions and supports interdisciplinary projects within the arts at UQ. 


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Software of Seagulls

4 November 2020 12:00pm
Software of Seagulls’ concert as part of UQ School of Music’s 2020 Art museum concert series will showcase brand new pieces alongside works from the very beginnings of the project in 2013.

Kieran Welch: A Missing Moon

7 October 2020 12:00pm
Exploring the spaces in between contemporary art music, experimental electronic music and EDM, A Missing Moon is a gripping journey through genre and emotion.

Robert Davidson

9 September 2020 12:00pm
Dr Robert Davidson will present a spectacular concert of improvisational electronica like you've never heard before.

Joshua Rivory and Taana Rose

5 August 2020 6:30pm
PhD candidates will present an evening of innovative music exploring the margins of electro-acoustic and VR integrated performance concepts.

CANCELLED: Synchronous Vibrations

1 April 2020 6:30pm7:30pm
Concert Cancelled