Under the direction of Dr Michael Askill, the UQ Percussion Trio comprises Zachary Brankovich, Lorraine Fung, and Gabriella Gigante. Since their formation, the Trio have captured audiences with their dynamic performances of works by modern percussion artists.

Etna (Tsoof Baras) - Percussion Trio with Dr Michael Askill
Stubernic (Mark Ford) - Percussion Trio, solo Lorraine Fung
Tomorrow’s Song (Living Room Songs) (Ólafur Arnalds) - Lorraine Fung and Gabriella Gigante
Nostalgic Strains (Erik Griswold) - Percussion Trio
Blues for Gilbert (Mark Glentworth) - Zachary Brankovich
Modern Life (John Parker, arr. Zachary Brankovich) - Percussion Trio with Eleanor Brimblecombe 

UQ Percussionists

Thu 8 Sep 2016 1:00pm2:00pm


Nickson Room, School of Music