Dr Laurence Sherr, Kennesaw State University, United States of America
Remembering the Silenced Voices of Holocaust Song Creators: Weaving Songs of Resistance and Survival into a New Cello Sonata

Compelling stories of the creators of the ghetto, concentration camp, and partisan songs integrated into Sherr’s new cello sonata, illuminated by recorded exceprts and examples of the songs and the sonata. Remembering the contributions of these creators, and of the culture that the Nazis slated for extermination, can help us strive for greater understanding and tolerance in contemporary society.

The sonata will be performed live at the Thursday lunchtime concert in the Nickson Room the next day.

Dr Sherr is Composer-in-Residence and Professor of Music at Kennesaw State University (KSU). This seminar integrates Dr Sherr’s work as a composer of Holocaust remembrance compositions, researcher of Holocaust music, creator of a university course on music and the Holocaust, and producer of Holocaust remembrance concerts. 

Dr Sherr's awards include top prizes in the Delius Composition Contest and the composition competition of the Association for the Promotion of New Music in New York City. International performances of his work have been given in Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Turkey, Japan, Canada, and Mexico. He has been awarded fellowships by the MacDowell Colony, the American Dance Festival, and Hot Springs National Park, among others. The Florida State University doctoral treatise Laurence Sherr: Chamber Music for Flute details his contribution, and CDs released by the Ein-Klang label in Europe and by Capstone Records in the U.S. include his compositions. He received the KSU 2015 Distinguished Faculty Award for International Achievement. 

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Creative Collaboratorium and RHD Seminar featuring Dr Laurence Sherr

Wed 11 May 2016 1:00pm3:00pm


Room 460, Level 4, Zelman Cowen Building (51), School of Music