Dr Vincent Plush,
photo by the Australian
Broadcasting Commission

Dr Vincent Plush
Assembling a Jigsaw: Uncovering Music in the Closet of Patrick White

For the past decade, Vincent Plush has been investigating how music stands at the core of the life and work of Australia's most celebrated - and perhaps now, least read - novelist (1912-1990), to date our only Nobel Prize winner for Literature (1973). In this short presentation, he will discuss how he constructed a 'biography in music', through his correspondence, interviews with surviving colleagues, and his own diary notes from 'the golden age' in White's home city Sydney in the 1970s. 

Dr Plush is known as a composer, broadcaster, writer, educator and director of festivals and ensembles. He has recently completed his PhD in Musicology at the University of Adelaide, his thesis being the subject of today's presentation. Prior to that he was based in Canberra as Head of Research and National Cultural Program at the National Film and Sound Archive, and at the Queensland Conservatorium as artistic director of the Encounters Festivals. He also lived and worked in North America for almost 20 years.​


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