Sonata in D, K.381 for piano four hands                                        W. A. Mozart

  1. Allegro
  2. Andante
  3. Molto Allegro

Cloudcatcher (2016)                                                                 Michael Hannan

  1.  Flight
  2.  Meditation
  3.  Vibration
  4.  Birdsong

Balinese Ceremonial Music (1934)                                                  Colin McPhee

  1. Pemoengkah
  2. Gambangan
  3. Taboeh teloe
Program Note

Cloudcatcher I for two pianos

"Cloudcatcher" is one of the translations of "Wollumbin", the indigenous name for the Northern NSW volcanic-plug mountain that in 1770 James Cook named "Mount Warning". Wollumbin is a sacred Aboriginal site, said to be at the intersection of many songlines.


Having lived in the nearby village of Nimbin for more than 20 years, I have gained much inspiration from the natural environment of the Border Ranges area, including an ongoing fascination with the majestic Wollumbin, whose distinctive peak, true to the translation "cloudcatcher" is often temporarily shrouded by moving clouds.


The first movement of Cloudcatcher I, "Flight", responds to the clouds and birds that move over and around Wollumbin. The second, "Meditation" contemplates the imposing presence of the mountain. The third, "Vibration", imagines its physical and spiritual energies, past and present. And the fourth, "Birdsong", is a meditation on the calls of some birds common to the area.

Michael Hannan

About the Performers

The Viney-Grinberg Piano Duo enjoys an international profile in duo piano performance and scholarship as one of the Ensembles-in-Residence at the University of Queensland. While maintaining a performance career involving festivals, major series, live radio broadcasts, and orchestras, Dr Liam Viney and Dr Anna Grinberg also translate their experience into music performance research and teaching practice through the UQ Creative Collaboratorium.

The Duo’s innovative and creative approach has resulted in collaborations with composers, artists, dancers, choreographers and other established performing ensembles - as well as book chapters, articles and scholarly seminars and presentations. The duo is committed to exploring classics of the two-piano repertoire, but also contributes to the ongoing expansion of that literature through commissioning composers - fifteen new works have been written for them to date, and they have performed world and Australian premieres of music by composers such as Matthew Hindson, John Adams and Arvo Part.




Nickson Room, Zelman Cowen Building, School of Music