Anthony Garcia
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The island of Australia is a flourishing multi-cultural nation and home to one of the oldest surviving musical cultures in the world.  The contemporary mindset that juxtaposes the timeless expanse of the Australian landscape forms the backdrop for the musical explorations of guitarist/composer Anthony Garcia.  Born in the United States, with time studying, living and working in Australia, Southeast Asia and Mexico, Garcia’s approach to performance weaves the threads of his diverse cultural experience through a tapestry of original compositions and improvisations for solo guitar including multi-instrumental processed soundscapes for Thai phin, electric and acoustic guitars. The compositional process underscoring this project evolved from research into improvisation practice carried out at the University of Tasmania between 2011-2015. 

About the performer

 Whether he’s performing experimental music in New York, collaborating with his students at the Mayan Pyramids in Mexico or jamming under the stars in Outback Australia, acclaimed guitarist/composer Anthony Garcia’s artistic practice reflects a musical freedom that defies simple categorization.  His exploratory approach has generated a highly personal musical style that fuses the ancient with the contemporary, ethnic musics with exploratory improvisations, pulsating world rhythms and Asiatic soundscapes.  Performing throughout Australia, China, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, Europe and the United States and Europe, as a solo artist and in collaboration with creatives from a range of fields Garcia has nurtured a deep appreciation for diverse musical cultures, genres and creative philosophies.

A large body of compositions for guitar, chamber music, contemporary popular music, ethnic music as well as music for film and documentaries accompany solo recordings, Skyflyer (2004) and Malili Dreaming (2007), and award winning collaborations with Sandra Real (Zarabanda, 2008) and didgeridoo master William Barton (Desert Stars Dancing, 2010).  His creative output, supported by a passion for research and education, culminated in a doctorate in music, awarded by the University of Tasmania in 2015.  This research, centered in the art of improvisational practice, has been followed by research into cross-cultural practice, teaching artistry, music/health and wellbeing and music and mindfulness. 

Garcia’s passion for unifying the interlocking fields of musical performance, composition and education has informed ongoing pedagogical experimentation in schools, universities and the broader community and led to the recent establishment of Sounds Across Oceans, a new music organisation dedicated to exploring ‘the multidimensional capacity of music to create and share new ideas, uplift, heal, shift energies and ignite new perspectives.'

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