6.30pm — Collective 9

Adam Scott Neal, ripples                                                                                          5'

Gabriella Gigante, percussion

Eleanor Brimblecomb, bass clarinet

David Friedman and Dave Samuels,  Nyack                                                          10'

Gabriella Gigante, percussion

Mary Broughton, percussion

6.50pm - Collective 7

Jean Phillipe Rameau - Gavotte with Variations in A minor (arr.)

Johannes Brahms, Walzes 1-5 op.39 

Maurice Ravel Mother Goose Suite
(arr. Ziegler) - Asfalto

Pierce Leahy and Louise Woolcott, pianos


7.10pm — Collective 8

Gabriel Faure, Piano Quartet no.1 in C minor                                                      18’

1. Allegro molto moderato

Celine Chong, piano

Amy Hosking, violin

Jaimie Battams, viola

Isabelle Mann, cello

Paul Hindemith, Sonata for Flute and Piano                                                         5’

  1. Heiter Bewegt

Xinyu Wan, flute

Alison Snook, piano

Carl Maria von Weber, Trio Op.63                                                                         8’

  1. Allegro moderato                                                                              

Alison Snook, piano

Xinyu Wan, flute

Isabelle Mann, cello

Jeremy Norris, Jazz Suite for Flute and Piano                                                      8’

  1. 'La Parisienne'
  2. 'Time Out'                              

Xinyu Wan, flute

Alison Snook, piano

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Join our Chamber Music students as they perform their end of semester recitals.