The viola is closest to the human voice in colour and timbre. Contemporary performers are exploring these lyrical nuances through interpretations of ancient songs from cultures around the world. In this concert, Raquel will explore the rich musical lyricism of the Iberian Peninsula. This abundant cultural centre has produced diverse musical styles that travelled the world, germinating a plethora of new ones. Featuring compositions of Australian composer Dr. Cecile Elton, Ginastera and others, this concert will explore a side of the instrument not often realised.

Raquel is a vibrant soloist and chamber musician. Having toured across five continents, Bastos gives the viola a voice of lyricism and charm with technical finesse. Alex Raineri, described by Limelight Magazine as ‘a soloist of superb skill and musicality’, is an active soloist and chamber musician, currently based in Brisbane.


Zelman Cowen Building, UQ St Lucia
The Nickson Room