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Associate Professor Stein Helge Solstad - "Strategies in Jazz Guitar Improvisation"

In this presentation I ask: What strategies are used in professional jazz guitar improvisation? The presentation is based on inquiries using a practice-led research strategy, playing with and interviewing five professional jazz guitarists in New York City. The aim has been to:

  1. Investigate how professional jazz guitarists processes and execute complex musical information with artistic insight and technical agility.
  2. Explain the cognitive foundations for such expertise
  3. Link expertise to musical analysis in a way that illuminate both musical and cognitive processes

I have made a modal matrix for analyzing structure, time and form in jazz guitar improvisation, and in this presentation I will discuss the value and benefit of this approach.

Stein Helge Solstad is an associate professor in music at Volda University College in Norway. He has a practice-led PhD from the Norwegian Academy of Music and was a visiting scholar at Columbia University in New York City in 2010/11. He is now on a sabbatical semester in Brisbane, and is working on a research monograph based on his PhD thesis, “Strategies in jazz guitar improvisation”. Besides being a researcher and teacher, he is also a jazz guitarist: he released his last jazz album in December 2017, Elvane møtest (found at Spotify, iTunes, etc.).

Catherine Likhuta - “Rituals of Heartland; bringing Ukrainian roots and a preschooler’s art into the MSO rehearsal room”

In this presentation, UQ PhD composer Catherine Likhuta talks about inspirations and 21st Century Australian Composers Program. Among elements to be discussed are Ukrainian folk influences, free/premeditated improvisation, and collaboration with Catherine’s four-year-old daughter Skylie.

Jemma Powell - "A performing edition of Barielli's 7 Ricercari for Violoncello Solo, with an historical investigation and recommendations for performance"

This presentation will discuss performance practice research pertaining to cello playing in the Baroque period, and analysis of professional recordings of the 7 Ricercari. Preliminary work on performance recommendations for Ricercar I and Ricercar III will be outlined, and I will play these Ricerari to demonstrate these decisions. I will also outline the research plan for the final six months of the study, and areas in which I have decided to take a particular approach.

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The seminar series showcases our Higher Degree by Research candidates’ work. The seminars are open to the public, and we regularly have visiting scholars attend and present their research. Please register by following the link in the session below that you wish to attend.


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