Nonlinear Collective presents a program of new compositions and arrangements which explore the possibilities of electronic music technologies alongside acoustic instruments and voices. Using a range of techniques including live looping and processing, live electronics, vocoders, and virtual instruments, the students will perform a diverse repertoire of their own devising, ranging from pop to classical to experimental.

Nonlinear Collective is a newly established ensemble directed by Dr. Chris Perren and composed of students studying MUSC2010, Music Technology for Live Performance.

About Touch Ensemble presents

Touch Ensemble is UQ’s iPad and electroacoustic music ensemble, exploring the possibilities of mobile digital music making. Established by Dr. Eve Klein, directed by Dr. Chris Perren, and featuring UQ Students, the ensemble uses iPads, laptops, acoustic instruments, voices, and other equipment to create spatialised and immersive soundscapes, engaging arrangements, and original electroacoustic compositions.


Room 451, Zelman Cowen Building, St Lucia
School of Music Common Room