In collaboration with bassist Robert Davidson (Topology; UQ School of Music Composition Faculty), this concert marks the conclusion of New York-based experimental duo panSonus' (Jon Clancy, percussionist/sound artist & Amber Evans, vocalist/conductor) inaugural Australia/New Zealand tour. This intimate program of unusual works for combinations of voice, percussion, and double bass will also feature premieres of miniatures written for panSonus by composition students of the UQ School of Music and Queensland Conservatorium.

Comprised of New York-based musicians Jon Clancy (Westfield, NJ) and Amber Evans (Brisbane, AUS), panSonus is an interdisciplinary duo that seeks to promote and collaborate in the creation of new and experimental works for combinations of voice, percussion, theatre, and electronics, that transcend their respective traditional practices. Through their work, the duo curates uniquely engaging and visceral performance experiences that heighten awareness of corporeal, spacial, and material resonance, and advocates for thoughtful, inclusive, and conceptual programming practices.



Breath (2001) Stuart Saunders Smith (b. 1948)
Basking (2019) * Felicity Mohr (b. 1997) with Robert Davidson
Heart of Air (2019) * Alexander Voltz (b. 1999)
Riddles (2010) ** Talia Amar (b. 1987)
juncTions (2011) ** Karlheinz Essl (b. 1960) with Connor D’Netto


ITCHY (2019) **+ Zak Argabrite (b. 1994)
Safety Exit Instruction Manual (2019) **+ Lydia Wayne Chang (b. 1993)
Flourish (2009) Sarah Hennies (b.1973)


Nickson Room