Touch Ensemble presents Other Worlds, a multimedia concert inspired by Science Fiction and Space Exploration. Audiences will be immersed in sounds and vision devised and composed collaboratively by the students. The program includes arrangements of classic sci-fi themes, theatrical performances, and new compositions.

UQ’s Touch Ensemble was established by Dr. Eve Klein as part of a groundbreaking research project in 2016, and is directed by Dr. Chris Perren. The group uses iPads and other mobile digital devices as a starting point for collaborative creative music-making.

About Touch Ensemble presents

Touch Ensemble is UQ’s iPad and electroacoustic music ensemble, exploring the possibilities of mobile digital music making. Established by Dr. Eve Klein, directed by Dr. Chris Perren, and featuring UQ Students, the ensemble uses iPads, laptops, acoustic instruments, voices, and other equipment to create spatialised and immersive soundscapes, engaging arrangements, and original electroacoustic compositions.


Zelman Cowen Building, St Lucia Campus
Nickson Room