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Sign Waves

Sign Waves, a collective of flautists from the University of Queensland, will present Synchronous Vibrations in conjunction with the UQ Art Museum. The program brings a diverse range of flute repertoire that responds to and explores the themes and subject matter of the current exhibition, “Music of Spheres”, assembled by UQ student-curator Elena Dias-Jayasinha and comprising of a diverse mix of Australian born and Australian based artists. This juxtaposition of music and visual arts offers an experience that entrances multiple senses.



Ian Clarke – Within (2005) for 7 flutes (with piccolo, alto, bass)
Performed by Jemima Drews, Tayler Basham, Seoyoung Kim, Jessica Walther, Katey Jeong, Katya Willett, Christine Vellacott

Ross Edwards – Ecstatic Dances (1990)
Performed by Jemima Drews and Katya Willett

Eugène Bozza—Image For Solo Flute (1939)
Performed by Jessica Walther

Lowell Liebermann—Soliloquy (1993)
Performed by Katya Willett

Edgard VarèseDensity 21.5 (1936)
Performed by Jemima Drews

John Cage—Solo for Flute, Alto flute and Piccolo (1957)

Will Offermans— Luna y Sierra (2009)
Solo performed by Jessica Walther, Katey Jeong and Seoyoung Kim



Taylor Basham

Currently in her third year of study at the University of Queensland, Tayler Basham appreciates the joy and experience of music. Originally from Yeppoon, she has moved to Brisbane to explore the potential of flute performance. It is her plan to become a teacher, encouraging the next generation to have as much fun making music as she does. In 2019, she performed with the UQ Symphony Orchestra and competed as a finalist for the O’Brien Family Prize for Wind and Brass. She currently plays flute and piccolo in the Queensland Youth Orchestra’s Wind Symphony.


Jemima Drews

Jemima Drews is passionate about bringing energy and vibrancy to her flute performances. In 2019, she was awarded the James Carson Memorial Prize, was a finalist for the O'Brien Family Prize, and performed as a concerto soloist with the Brisbane Symphony Orchestra. Currently, Jemima is a Next Gen Artist with the Southern Cross Soloists and the principal flute of the Queensland Youth Symphony. Jemima is completing her final year of study at the University of Queensland, and after graduation, intends pursue new ways to connect with audiences through her interest in classical flute, drama, and storytelling through performance.

Jessica Walther

Jessica Walther is a passionate and determined flute player who intends on pursuing a career in performance. Jessica is a third year student at the University of Queensland, studying under Patrick Nolan. Jessica is concertmaster of Queensland Youth Wind Symphony Orchestra and also won the 2019 O’Brien Wind and Brass Prize. She has performed flute and piccolo with the University of Queensland Symphony Orchestra and also participated in Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s, Day in an Orchestra program. Jessica loves communicating to the audience her enjoyment of playing the flute and hopes that it will continue for the rest of her life.

Seoyoung Kim

Seoyoung Kim is in her third year of studies at the University of Queensland pursuing a dual Bachelors in Music and Arts. She is interested in exploring the intersection of her two disciplines—flute performance and art history—through initiatives such as Synchronous Vibrations. Seoyoung was a finalist in the 2018 O’Brien Wind and Brass Prize. She has performed with UQSO, UQ Chorale and UQ Winds during her studies.



Katya Willett

Katya Willett is an enthusiastic flute player who strives to bring energy and emotion to each and every performance. Currently in her third year of studies at the University of Queensland, Katya is a member of the Queensland Youth Symphony. In 2019, she performed as guest piccolo with the Australian chamber music group Southern Cross Soloists. She is also in her second year of their Next Gen Artists program, a position that has provided her performance opportunities such as the 2019 Bangalow Music Festival. She has toured regional Queensland as Principle Flute of the QYO Chamber Orchestra, has been a finalist in the James Carson Memorial Prize and the O'Brien Family Prize, and has held positions as Principle Flute of the University of Queensland Symphony Orchestra since 2018.

Christine Vellacott

Christine Vellacott is in her final year of Bachelor of Music (Honours) at the University of Queensland, studying flute under Patrick Nolan. She has performed with UQSO and UQ Winds, and her passion lies in helping others enjoy the beauty of music through flute teaching.





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In 2020 the School of Music has continued to collaborate with the UQ Art museum; presenting concerts that feature alumni and staff working in the genres of electro-acoustics, structured improvisation, electronic dance music, and contemporary classical music. The series fosters an ongoing partnership between our two prestigious institutions and supports interdisciplinary projects within the arts at UQ. 


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