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SignWaves, a collective of flautists from The University of Queensland, will present Synchronous Vibrations at the UQ Art Museum. The program brings a diverse range of flute repertoire of varying ensemble strengths from solo flute to flute choir. The concert will be presented in continuum with each work framed by short interludes of Monash Lal’s Arrernte Bird Songs, based on birds represented in Theresa Ryder’s Ayeye Thipe-Akerte. This concert is dedicated to Theresa, the Arrernte People of Central Australia, and Children’s Ground.


About 2021 UQ Art Museum Concert Series

The School of Music in 2021 will collaborate with the UQ Art Museum to present concerts that feature emerging musical genres from staff, students and affiliate ensembles.

The series fosters an ongoing partnership between our two prestigious institutions and supports interdisciplinary projects within the arts at UQ. Ensembles from the UQ School of Music will compliment exhibitions, with concerts featuring lecturers and students working in the genres of electro-acoustics, structured improvisation, electronic dance music, and contemporary classical music.