Bernardo Alviz performing Lienzos Migrantes
Bernardo Alviz performing Lienzos Migrantes

This project follows the creative process of building a Folio of compositions for the left-hand only double bass. Through the restrictive physical implications that this instrumental setting implies, it was found that musical expression can be achieved also through the organisation of its embedded physical tension. This tension, which is referred to as “instrumental resistance”, was used as the principal aesthetic and compositional device to create the pieces that make part of this folio of compositions.

This project was accomplished through a practice-led approach organised according to Smith and Dean’s iterative cyclic web. The starting point was the review of all relevant literature from the contemporary repertoire that could help create a functioning left-hand only technique. This information was then used to inform the compositional process of each piece, which were subsequently tested through extensive practice. This process was iterated in all composed pieces and was consequentially documented through journals as well as through a video recording. The collected data derived from the composition strategies as well as the autoethnographic journals was contrasted in order to write the accompanying critical commentary. 

These original compositions for the left-hand only double bass aim to be an original contribution to artistic knowledge, as there is no existent repertoire written for this instrumental setting. In addition, as an impaired performer, this has provided me with an alternative way of performing music and can be therefore useful to musicians interested in understanding the processes that were involved to create and perform the pieces that comprise this folio of compositions. 

Links for the recordings of my left-hand only piece "Lienzos Migrantes":

I and II Movement
III Movement

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