Music technology teaching at the School of Music is to be realigned with creative practice in 2016 to better prepare Music graduates for their future careers.

Dr Eve Klein has been awarded a University of Queensland Technology Enhanced Learning Grant to carry out a redesign of the music technology curriculum that draws on her mapping of creative practice research methods, skills and outcomes against the 'Ten Skills for the Future Workforce’ outlined in the Future Work Skills 2020 report.

Future Work Skills 2020 was developed by the Institute for the Future and has been used globally by territory institutions to inform and shape curriculum design towards employment outcomes for graduates,” Dr Klein said.

“The Ten Skills reflect changes in cultural production occurring within the creative industries.”

The revised curriculum will enable students to develop skills applying mobile, online and desktop computing technologies to music making scenarios that incorporate both music composition and performance practices.

By teaching musicians how to apply technology in a flexible and adaptive way, they will gain experience transforming their musical skills across a variety of contexts and mediums relevant to careers in the music industry, media, community arts and education sectors.

“Students can use their area of specialisation to inform creative projects produced in music technology courses,” Dr Klein said.

“This means that classical music students can learn how technology and technological processes can be integrated into their performance or compositional work, providing them with technologically-influenced skills that make them better prepared for the kinds of challenges they will encounter in industry contexts following graduation.”

Project members

Dr Eve Klein

Senior Lecturer in Popular Music and Technology
Senior Lecturer
School of Music