Dr Eve Klein

The School of Music is participating in the UQ Summer Research Program, and is currently offering up to three scholarships for students to become involved in an exciting research project within the School for 6 weeks. Applications close on 31 August 2016.

Available Project

Investigating Classical Music Recording Aesthetics

Duration: 6 Weeks

Description: This project investigates the aesthetic and technical choices informing the creation of classical music sound recordings. Students will develop critical listening skills and will be trained to recognise audible music production techniques such as reverb, compression and equalisation. Students will also be trained in research techniques such as data coding and archival searches. Students will employ these skills to listen to sound recordings and classify their sonic properties. They will also work with Music staff members to document their findings as part of a larger research project being led by Dr Eve Klein, giving students the opportunity to experience being part of a collaborative research team. By the end of the Summer Research Project students will be enabled to reflect upon the process of sound recording and its impact upon classical music performance.

Expected Outcomes and Deliverables: Scholars will gain a thorough understanding of how to interpret sound recordings and key music production devices. They will develop skills in digital research processes, particularly data coding and archival searches which can apply to a range of research and discipline context. It will also enhance their ability to analyse and categorise musical content. The skills and knowledge gained through this project prepares students for future research at honours and postgraduate levels. 

Suitable For: This project is open to applications from all students with an interest in an interest in music technology, classical music or musicology. The project would also benefit musicians wanting to explore how music technology impacts upon our understanding of music performance.  All students are given training. This project does not require students to read music notation. Prior experience with music technology is welcome. Only UQ enrolled students are eligible.

Primary Supervisor: Dr Eve Klein