To assist you in planning your studies, here is the list of courses the School of Music has scheduled for 2022.

Courses are available in both internal and external mode unless otherwise indicated. When choosing courses, please remember that an internal student can enrol in an external mode course, but an external student cannot enrol in an internal mode course.

Please note that some fourth year courses are being offered for the final time in 2022, as the final Bachelor of Music (Honours) cohort who commenced their studies before the 2020 Bachelor of Music (Honours) curriculum changes took effect is in fourth year in 2022. We are holding a Zoom information session at 12pm on Monday 22 November 2021 for students with questions about Honours in 2022.

Courses Scheduled for Semester One 2022

  • MUSC1010 Introduction to Music Technology
  • MUSC1050 Western Art Music 1700-1900: Approaches and Concepts
  • MUSC1060 Introduction to Musicology [internal mode only]
  • MUSC1100 Ensemble Studies 1 [internal mode only]
  • MUSC1250 Performance Studies 1
  • MUSC1300 Introduction to Music Psychology
  • MUSC2010 Music Technology for Live Performance [internal mode only]
  • MUSC2060 Musicianship 2 [internal mode only]
  • MUSC2250 Performance Studies 3
  • MUSC2310 Music, Wellbeing and Health [external mode only]
  • MUSC2501 Musicology and Early Music
  • MUSC2700 Music in the Digital Age
  • MUSC2750 Ensemble Studies 3 [internal mode only]
  • MUSC3010 Creative Music Production
  • MUSC3060 Musicianship 3
  • MUSC3255 Performance Studies 5
  • MUSC3720 Film and Game Music
  • MUSC3750 Ensemble Studies 5 [internal mode only]
  • MUSC3840 Multi-Instrumental Pedagogy
  • MUSC3890 Creative Music Making [internal mode only]
  • MUSC3910 Music Special Project [internal mode only]
  • MUSC4255 Performance Studies 7 [offered for final time in 2022]
  • MUSC4410 Music Research Methods [external mode only]
  • MUSC4500 Music Honours Project (part A) [external mode only, offered for final time in 2022]
  • MUSC4610 Music Honours Project (part A) [external mode only]
  • MUSC4750 Ensemble Studies 7 [internal mode only]
  • MUSC7000 Thesis (part A) [external mode only]
  • MUSC7001 Thesis (part B) [external mode only]
  • MUSC7160 Advanced Choral Pedagogy [external mode only]
  • MUSC7250 Performance Studies 9
  • MUSC7370 Psychology for Musicians: Performing, Teaching and Wellbeing [external mode only]
  • MUSC7880 Composing Music: Techniques and Strategies for Creating Music [external mode only]
  • MUSC7900 Research Project [external mode only]

Courses Scheduled for Semester Two 2022

  • MUSC1010 Introduction to Music Technology
  • MUSC1150 Introduction to Guitar
  • MUSC1260 Performance Studies 2
  • MUSC1600 Musicianship 1
  • MUSC1700 Introduction to Popular Music Studies: The Rock Era
  • MUSC2100 Ensemble Studies 2 [internal mode only]
  • MUSC2260 Performance Studies 4
  • MUSC2300 Music and Human Behaviour [external mode only]
  • MUSC2510 Contemporary Art Music
  • MUSC2755 Ensemble Studies 4 [internal mode only]
  • MUSC2810 Indigenous Australian Music
  • MUSC3020 Sound Recording Practice [internal mode only]
  • MUSC3160 Choral Pedagogy [external mode only]
  • MUSC3265 Performance Studies 6
  • MUSC3340 Music, Cognition and Development [external mode only]
  • MUSC3580 Music Analysis and Criticism
  • MUSC3755 Ensemble Studies 6 [internal mode only]
  • MUSC3780 Teaching Music [internal mode only]
  • MUSC4265 Performance Studies 8 [offered for final time in 2022]
  • MUSC4500 Music Honours Project (part B) [external mode only, offered for final time in 2022]
  • MUSC4610 Music Honours Project (part B) [external mode only]
  • MUSC4755 Ensemble Studies 8 [internal mode only]
  • MUSC7000 Thesis (part B) [external mode only]
  • MUSC7001 Thesis (part A) [external mode only]
  • MUSC7010 Applications of Music Technology
  • MUSC7180 Contemporary Perspectives in Music Education [external mode only]
  • MUSC7260 Performance Studies 10
  • MUSC7470 Counterpoint [external mode only]
  • MUSC7630 Instrumental and Vocal Studio Pedagogy [external mode only]
  • MUSC7900 Research Project [external mode only]

How Can I Get Specific Advice About My Study Plan?

If you aren’t sure how the general advice given above applies to you and your specific situation, please contact us at so that we can answer your questions and, if necessary, help you with a customised study plan for completing your degree.