2017 4MBS Musica Viva Sid Page Memorial Prize Winners Simon Svoboda and Phoebe Masel with Lachlan Snow (Musica Viva Queensland Manager) and Gary Thorpe (4MBS General Manager)

A variety of scholarships and prizes are available to music students. The values, requirements, and application procedures of these awards vary greatly, and students are urged to study the list carefully to determine those most appropriate to their plans and achievements.

All of our scholarships and prizes are made possible by the generosity of our donors. For more information about supporting the School of Music’s performance prizes, please visit uq.edu.au/giving or contact UQ Advancement on 07 3346 3900.

The information on this page supplements the information available on the UQ Scholarships website. Please check their for more scholarship opportunities available to all UQ students.

The rules for all School of Music Scholarships and Prizes are subject to the UQ Senate Rules.

These scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students in recognition of their fine academic and musical achievements. They do not require applications and are awarded on the basis of audition results and/or grades.

Paula and Tony Kinnane Music Scholarship

Barbara Hebden Music Bursary

Howard and Gladys Sleath Scholarship

Donald Tugby Musicology Prize

Music Honours Prize

The following scholarships and prizes require students to apply to take part in a performance or composition competition. Please see the individual scholarship page for more information about how to apply and when the competitions are currently scheduled to take place: competition dates may change as the year progresses.

Remix Competition 2018

Accompanists' Guild of Queensland Piano Accompaniment Prize

Wind and Brass Prize

Burnett William Wendorff Memorial Prize for Classical Piano

Ethel Osborn Prize for Voice

Sleath String Performance Prize

Percy Brier Memorial Prize in Composition

Margaret Nickson Prize for Voice and Accompaniment

Richard Pollett Prize for Strings

4MBS Musica Viva Sid Page Memorial Prize in Chamber Music

Isolde Schaupp Memorial Prize for Classical Guitar

These scholarships are awarded to either postgraduate coursework or HDR students to assist them in their studies. Each scholarship's criteria and applications are different so please read each page carefully.

Hugh Brandon Prize

Robert Dalley-Scarlett Prize

Nancy Jones Travelling Scholarship

Ronald Douglas Kitchen Scholarship

Florence Davey Pianoforte Scholarship