The School of Music provides all confirmed candidates with up to $2,000 (for PhD) or $1,000 (for MPhil) of research support funding over the duration of their HDR candidature. The funding is to help you undertake research activities that enhance your research project, present your research at conferences, and carry out other activities relating to your research project that are approved by the School.

Terms and Conditions
  1. You must complete the confirmation of candidature milestone before you can access any funds. The research plan provided by you for that milestone should explain how you will use these funds to support your research project.
  2. You should apply using the application form approximately three months before the research activities supported by the scholarship are to commence.
  3. You must report on the use of the funds as part of your mid-candidature and thesis review milestones.
  4. If you do not undertake the research activities for which the scholarship was approved, you must obtain permission from your advisory team to use the funding for alternate research activities or return the funding to the School.
  5. All funding is to be used before you complete the thesis review milestone.