Donald Tugby Musicology Prize

The Donald Tugby Musicology Prize is awarded each year to the Bachelor of Music (Honours) student with the highest overall mark in MUSC4500 (Music Thesis) with a minimum grade of 7 who has declared for the Musicology major.

Dr Donald Tugby in 2013

About the Prize

Donald Tugby (1920-2015) was an alumnus and major supporter of UQ, having established prizes in biomedical sciences, archaeology, anthropology, psychology of peace, art history and musicology, veterinary science, and earth science. Collectively known as the Donald Tugby Renaissance Prize Endowment, these prizes are awarded annually for excellence in education and research in the nominated fields, and are a reflection of Dr Tugby’s passions, interests and professional expertise. Dr Donald Tugby taught anthropology at The University of Queensland from 1958 to 1986, and was a member of the University Choir and an advisor on World Music to the School of Music.