We look forward to welcoming you to The University of Queensland School of Music for your audition. Please arrive at the School of Music (location details below) at least 20 minutes before your scheduled audition time. You (and your accompanist, if you have one) can use a practice room for 15 minutes to prepare for your audition.

Your audition and interview will take approximately 15 minutes. You may be asked to perform specific parts of your audition repertoire, or to perform a complete work: don’t expect to perform all your audition repertoire. You will be asked questions about your practice and your interests: this is also your opportunity to ask School of Music teachers questions about the School, our programs, and so on.

The audition process is flexible and accommodating. For example, it is not mandatory to have an accompanist if this is difficult for you to arrange. We want to make the audition as smooth and easy for you as possible: for us, it is an opportunity to get to meet you and to get to know you better.

External Auditions

If you can’t attend an in-person audition, you will be sent a Zoom invitation to meet with School of Music teachers. Due to sound quality issues on Zoom, you are not expected to perform your audition repertoire at this interview: teachers will refer to your audition video instead. Your Zoom interview is your chance to ask and answer questions about your practice, the School, our programs, and so on.

Travelling to Campus

There is free parking at Saint Lucia campus on the weekend. You can also travel to campus by public transport (bus and City Cat). The closest location to our building is the Conifer Knoll Parking Station (#98D).

The School of Music is located in the Zelman Cowen Building, (Building 51), on Staff House Road. A campus map is available at mazemap.com. More information on parking and transport is available at http://www.uq.edu.au/parking. The UQ Maps app may also assist you with navigating the campus via your smartphone.

COVID-19 implications

The latest UQ safety advice can be found at https://about.uq.edu.au/coronavirus. You must wear a mask while at the School if you cannot socially distance: you can remove your mask when rehearsing or during the audition (and may need to do so, depending on your instrument).

When you arrive, our student assistants will take you and any family or friends who are with you to our waiting room. From there, a student assistant will take you and your accompanist upstairs to a practice room, and then to the room for your audition.

Wipes and hand sanitizer are available in all rooms: please ask for assistance if they run out or if you need to use a bathroom. If you or your accompanist use a piano, please wipe down the keys before and after use for your safety and the safety of others. If you play a wind or brass instrument, please bring your own container to capture condensation produced through blowing into the instrument or across the embouchure, and do not release condensation onto the floor.

More detailed information is available at https://music.uq.edu.au/student-support/covid-19-school-music-guidelines.


Most food outlets on campus are not open on weekends. Saint Lucy Caffe e Cucina (near the tennis courts, a 10-minute walk from our building) will be open, and the EzyMart near Wordsmith’s Café may also be open.

2023 applications

Please remember that in addition to your audition, you must also apply for a place in the Bachelor of Music (Honours) program.

  1. Domestic students, and international students currently undertaking year 12 studies in Australia, must apply through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC): Please refer to the QTAC website www.qtac.edu.au for details of closing dates for the submission of applications.
  2. The early QTAC offer round for the single Bachelor of Music (Honours) program is in November 2022. Please list QTAC code 723002 as your first preference if you would like to end the year secure in the knowledge that you hold a place in our BMus(Hons) program commencing in Semester One 2023.
  3. If you wish to start in a dual degree program in Semester One 2023, please remember to reorder your preferences and place your preferred dual degree program as your new first preference before accepting your offer for the single program. You will then receive a new offer for the dual degree program in the main round after ATAR results are released. Your options are:
    • 723202 for the Bachelor of Music (Honours)/Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
    • 723302 for the Bachelor of Music (Honours)/Bachelor of Arts
    • 723402 for the Bachelor of Music (Honours)/Bachelor of Science