Lo Kit Mei (BA)

Jammie Lo Kit Mei, now a Lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University

"UQ provided me with opportunities to grow musically and as an individual. The marvelous campus, packed with caring faculty, enabled my dream to be a music educator. The diverse curriculum definitely gave me a taste in various music disciplines, including Music Education, Conducting, Musicology and Performance, that have given me a well-rounded foundation for my career. As an international student, studying music at UQ was a smooth transition, both academically and personally. The mentorship and encouragement was invaluable: it was a very supportive environment for my studies, and helped involve me in the community in Brisbane."

"It was a wonderful musical journey that guided me to be a lecturer in early childhood music education at the School of Continuing Education of Hong Kong Baptist University. It is my honour to be a graduate from UQ, a prestigious university, which provided me a precious platform to build up a strong career path. It fills me with confidence to step up and get ready for the challenges I face from time to time. I express my sincere gratitude to all the UQ lecturers and staff, who have all contributed to giving me a powerful sense of satisfaction in my life."