MOFO 2018 | Eve Klein presents Vocal Womb

29 June 2018

In 2018 at MOFO (Hobart) Eve Klein presented a debut performance of her work Vocal Womb - a provocative piece exploring the voice as an instrument for agency and expression amongst both privileged and marginalised persons. Externalising the voice’s inner biology, a laryngoscope is placed down the performers nose to project her vocal chords as a projection in real-time. Simultaneously contact microphones are situated on her external body - capturing the sonic artefacts of her internal organs while she displays her virtuosity as a vocalist and electro-acoustic composer.

Dr Eve Klein is a senior lecturer in music technology and popular music, an operatic mezzo soprano and a composer. Her research is concentrated on music technology, recording cultures and contemporary music while she is currently exploring classical music recording practices, environmental sound recording, popular-classical music hybridity, and technology-enabled performance.

Listen to Eve discuss Vocal Womb on ABC radio.