Future Student Opportunites

Unlock the doors to a world of musical possibilities by exploring the UQ School of Music! Discover the enriching experiences and opportunities that await you or your budding musician by participating in our engaging Discovery Days or joining the UQ Chamber Music Academy. These events offer an exclusive glimpse into the vibrant and dynamic community at the UQ School of Music, where passion meets proficiency.

Whether you're a prospective student eager to delve into our programs or a parent curious about the exceptional education we provide, our Discovery Days provide valuable insights. For those interested in the collaborative and artistic realm of chamber music, the UQ Chamber Music Academy is an excellent avenue to hone your skills and immerse yourself in a supportive musical environment. Come, be a part of a musical journey that transcends boundaries and nurtures talent. Visit us on Discovery Days or enroll in the UQ Chamber Music Academy to embark on a melodic adventure that could shape your musical future!