Undergraduate Degrees

The School of Music provides different study options and practical experiences for students depending on their musical background and chosen undergraduate degree.

Students are encouraged to participate in musical activities as a component of their formal studies and also as a cooperative contribution to the musical life of the University and its surrounding community.

Before enrolling, please carefully consider which degree offering is best for you, keeping in mind your particular interests and your anticipated career opportunities

Bachelor of Music (Honours)

The Bachelor of Music (Honours) is a four year degree intended for students wishing to pursue a professional career in music, and integrates the development of practical skills with theoretical and historical musical knowledge. All students must audition to enrol in this degree, and if successful undertake practical study in their chosen instrument or the human voice for the first three years of the program, as well as courses in musicology, musicianship, and electives in other music study areas, followed by a research project in the final year of the program.

The Bachelor of Music (Honours) is available as a dual degree with the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Education (Secondary), and the Bachelor of Science.

For more information, see the Bachelor of Music (Honours) on the Courses and Progams website. 

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts is a highly flexible three year degree that allows students to choose from more than 40 fields of study, including Music, Popular Music and Technology, and Music Psychology.

The Bachelor of Arts is available as a dual degree with many other Bachelor degrees, including the Bachelor of Music (Honours) and the Bachelor of Education (Secondary).

For more information, see the Bachelor of Arts on the Courses and Progams website.

Bachelor of Arts with Honours

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) is a one year degree that follows the Bachelor of Arts degree and develops core skills and knowledge in theory and research in the student's chosen field, of which Music is an option. Students require a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.5 to enrol in Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in the field of Music.

For more information, see the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) on the Courses and Programs website.