SignWaves, a collective of flautists from The University of Queensland, bring a diverse range of flute repertoire of varying ensemble sizes from solo flute to flute choir to delight a diversity of audiences. The character and textural variation available in this format enhance the possibilities for creative and flexible programming. The group was formed in 2020 and have performed in a variety of venues from cathedral, art gallery, atrium, and outdoor settings to standard concert venues.

SignWaves is directed by Patrick Nolan, the School of Music’s flute tutor and Wind and Brass Co-ordinator. They proudly boast their own composer in residence, Monash Lal. Monash is currently completing his Master of Music at UQ. In 2022 the group intend to record a range of his works along with other flute ensemble works by Australian composers.

One of Monash’s recent compositions for the group is “Arrernte birdsongs”. This was in response to Patrick’s desire to develop a meaningful connection between this group and Children’s Ground, an organisation led by aboriginal communities to create a new future for their children filled with promise, hope and empowerment. “Arrernte birdsongs” is based on the bird songs of Central Australian birds so beautifully represented in Theresa Ryder’s watercolour paintings and short stories, Ayeye Thipe-akerte: Arrernte Stories About Birds. Theresa is an indigenous elder of the Arrernte people and a founding member of Children’s Ground. This work is designed to be adaptive to the venue and context of programs within which it is included.

About 2024 Live at UQ concert series

The University of Queensland School of Music is proud to present our Concert Series for 2024. In reflecting the School's role in the broader South-East Queensland community, we have designed a diverse and exciting program. With established international and national artists performing, as well as our own emerging student artists, this year is set to be a vibrant, creative, and energetic time at the UQ School of Music. We look forward to connecting with you, as you explore this concert series, listen to our streamed and recorded concerts, and visit us at the St Lucia campus or browse through our website


Nickson Room, Zelman Cowen Building, St Lucia

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