Researcher biography

Mary possesses dual expertise as a musician and music psychology researcher. As a classical percussionist, she has performed with orchestras such as the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and West Australian Symphony Orchestra, and has performed nationally and internationally as a chamber and solo musician. Inspired by her music practice, Mary conducts research that applies theory and methods from the psychological sciences to study music-related phenomenon. Her research has focused on the role of movement and gesture in music performance communication. Concurrent to this continuing research trajectory, she is developing lines of inquiry on music in the early childhood years. Broadly, Mary's research spans topics wherever music is a means for personal expression and interpersonal communication, from angles such as perception and cognition surrounding expressive performance to social and psycho-emotional wellbeing. Mary regularly presents her research at national and international conferences, and is a reviewer for many peer-reviewed journals spanning music and psychology fields, such as Music Perception, and Frontiers in Psychology.