Dr Mary Broughton is the School of Music's Lecturer in Music Psychology. Her research focusses on the role of movement and gesture in music performance communication. Concurrent to this continuing research trajectory, she is developing lines of inquiry on music in the early childhood years. Broadly, Mary's research spans topics wherever music is a means for personal expression and interpersonal communication, from angles such as perception and cognition surrounding expressive performance to social and psycho-emotional wellbeing. Before joining the School of Music, she held a Research Associate position in the School of Music, University of Western Australia (2011-2013) where she worked with Jane Davidson on a number of music and gesture projects.

Researcher biography

Mary is a percussionist and researcher in the psychology of music, which involves applying psychological science theory and methods to study human thought, feeling and behaviour in relation to music. Her research focuses on music perception and cognition, action and interaction through music performance, audience engagement and development, music in the early childhood period, and promoting individual and community wellbeing through active participation in music performance. As a percussionist, Mary has performed with orchestras such as the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and West Australian Symphony Orchestra, and has performed nationally and internationally as a chamber and solo musician. Mary established and currently leads the psychology of music program area at The University of Queensland's School of Music.