Researcher biography

Dr Katelyn Barney's research focuses on improving pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students into and through higher education and advancing understanding about the role of collaborative research and music making between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous people. She has published across these areas and has edited the books Musical Collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous People in Australia: Exchanges in the Third Space, Collaborative Ethnomusicology: New Approaches to Music Research between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, and Musical Islands: Exploring Connections between Music, Place and Research. She is also Managing Editor of The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education.

She was a 2019-2020 Equity Fellow with the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE) and her fellowship explored effective evaluation of university outreach with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary school students. As part of the fellowship, Katelyn co-hosted a podcast with her colleague Professor Tracey Bunda called "Indigenous Success: Doing it, Thinking it, Being it". Katelyn also recently collaborated with Professor Bronwyn Fredericks, Professor Tracey Bunda and colleagues across universities to undertake a NCSEHE research grant to build the evidence to improve completion rates for Indigenous tertiary students.

Katelyn is an Australian Learning and Teaching Fellow and her National Teaching Fellowship focused on developing pathways for Indigenous students from undergraduate study into Higher Degrees by Research. She was project coordinator of the Higher Education and Equity Support Program project "Transitions: Facilitating and Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students". Katelyn also completed a large scale two year research project with colleagues at five universities exploring PEARL (political, embodied, active, and reflective learning) as a teaching and learning approach in Indigenous Australian studies. She continues to collaborate with Torres Strait Islander colleague Lexine Solomon exploring intercultural musical collaborations between Indigenous women and other women from diverse nations.