Recital Accompanists and Recordings


The School provides an accompanist to students who are enrolled in a course that includes a performance recital examination and who require accompaniment. In addition to the recital examination, your accompanist is paid by the school to rehearse with you for one hour, or two hours if you are enrolled in a level 4 or level 7 course.

You can make private arrangements with your accompanist for additional rehearsals, but you must pay for those rehearsals yourself and they cannot take place at the School of Music.

The School does not provide accompanists to students for their weekly lessons with their instrumental teacher.

Recital Recordings

The School make a digital recording of all recital examinations for assessment purposes. Students who wish to obtain a copy of the digital recording for their personal review may do so by paying a fee that covers the costs of editing the recital recording. Please contact us at to confirm payment and to let us know if you want to receive the recording in one of the alternate formats listed below.

Requests and payment must be made within 2 weeks of the end of the examination period: no warranty is given as to the quality of the recording, and no refund is possible following payment. The recording is for the personal review of the student only, and is not for wider distribution or publication.

By default, the standard recording format is:

  • your full recital, from walking on to final applause
  • fade-in at beginning, fade-out at end
  • audio levels optimised
  • encoded to 720p H264 video format

Alternate formats are:

  • music only edit, removing all silence, talking and applause
  • Individual works as separate files
  • Alternate file types and resolutions, including audio-only formats such as MP3 and WAV (note we record at 720p, so can only scale down)