Research in composition and improvisation at UQ combines empirical approaches with practice-based methods.

Researchers investigate music technology, computer generation of music, music theory, links between language and music, embodied composition and improvisation, collaborative practice and creative processes. A wide range of musical styles and strategies are explored in creative practice-based research, which draws on research in science, social science and the humanities to inform artistic work as a means of expanding insight and developing artistic practice. Artistic work itself is a site of research, and a means of investigation, when accompanied by self-reflective writing about the resulting work and its processes.

HDR Projects

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Translational Research in Creative Practice
Research Grant
Technology Enabled Creative Music Making
Teaching and Learning Grant
Creative Collaboratorium
Research Grant
  • Dr Robert Davidson

    Senior Lecturer in Composition
    Senior Lecturer
    School of Music
  • Dr Eve Klein

    Senior Lecturer in Popular Music and Technology
    Senior Lecturer
    School of Music