Our researchers are also world class performers.

Below is a select list of performances by our researchers.

Vocal Womb 

Vocal Womb is a multimedia opera performance and installation by Dr Eve Klein that externalises the hidden, fleshy and deeply personal workings of the voice from inside a singer’s body. Vocal Womb preimiered at MONA FOMA 2018, MONA (Museum of Old and New Art), Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Participants sit across from an opera singer. She wears a laryngoscope, a thin viewing tube which passed through her nose providing real-time video of her vocal chords projected onto the walls of the chamber. She sings and her voice reverberates in the space. Audio is also captured by the laryngoscope from inside the singer’s body and contact mics are placed on her skin capturing the sounds of lungs inhaling and exhaling, and other internal organs gurgling with their everyday functions. Participants can blend these internal audio signals and amplify them into the chamber using a controller. By externalising these intimate, internal mechanisms in an exaggerated and overwhelming sonic and visual experience, participants are asked to confront the contradictions of our voices: who gets to wield them and what that means for our humanity.

Action and Reaction... Mark II (2017)Female playing a xylophone

Action and Reaction… Mark II builds on collaborative performance-led research commenced at the Australian Research Council Human Communicative Sciences Network (ARC HCSNet) Perception and Action Workshop in 2006. This performance continues to challenge the notion of the traditional concert. Audience members are invited to participate in the performance experience, using the UQMusic audience-response app as they engage with the audio-visual concert experience.

“Through understanding how observers respond to, and interact with artistic performance, we are better placed to develop audiences for varied music performance practices, and create and present live music to optimal effect.” – Dr Mary Broughton