The study of the Psychology of Music, Wellbeing and Health at UQ  involves world-class research and collaborative projects with health providers and global partners.

Dr Mary Broughton recently appeared on Channel 7's Morning Show to talk about the psychology behind why the "Baby Shark" song gets stuck in your head.

HDR Projects

Below is a list of HDR and Honours projects supervised by our Psychology of Music, Wellbeing and Health researchers


2019 (-present) - Attention distribution in string quartet performance. 

2019 (-present) –  Behaviour modification techniques to increase adoptability of shelter dogs displaying high arousal or fearfulness.

2018 (- present) –  The role of the studio teacher in South East Queensland: An evaluation of the skills and strategies needed for professional development, employment sustainability and wellbeing. 

2018 (- present) – The investigation of communicating through non-verbal music conducting of children on the autism spectrum. 

2017 (- present) – Structural proportions in composition and performance: A comparison of score and recording-based analyses as experience from an audience perspective.

2016 (- present) – Community Engagement and Musical Engagement Strategies to Foster Sustained Participation from Contemporary Audiences for Classical Music.

2016-2018 – Australian orchestral musicians’ involvement in artistic and strategic decision-making processes: Two case studies.

Hons supervision

2019 – An Exploration of single- session Music Therapy to reduce clinic-related anxiety in children with 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome [collaborative research partnership with the Children Health Queensland Hospital].

2018 – The effect of embodied expertise on cognitive and affective responses to music performance.

2017 – Investigating the effects of participating in a percussion music making course on older Australia adults’ sense of wellbeing.

2016 – Investigating associations between Performance Cues and non-verbal behaviours from individual to joint music making contexts.

2016 – Musical first-aid: Investigating the influence of music on affective responses to imminent everyday accident situations.

2015 – Investigating observers’ cognitive and affective empathic responses to contemporary western solo piano performance.

2014 – The effect of social feedback and listening context on subjective emotional responses to music.

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  • Professor Margaret Barrett

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  • Dr Mary Broughton

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