Auditioning for Orchestra and Chorale

The School of Music recognises the importance of ensemble training for music students and encourages vigorous and enthusiastic participation. Any UQ student can audition every semester in Orientation Week for:

  • UQ Symphony Orchestra
  • UQ Chorale

Experience gained through participation in ensemble rehearsals and performances is a required part of the weekly learning program of all Bachelor of Music (Honours) students:

  • All students enrolled in MUSC1250 and MUSC1260 (Performance Studies 1 and 2) or any Ensemble Studies course are guaranteed a position in the Chorale.
  • All Bachelor of Music (Honours) string players enrolled in a Ensemble Studies course are guaranteed a position in the Symphony Orchestra, but must still audition to determine your seat allocation (Violin I, Violin II, and so on).

Other students who successfully audition must either:

Both ensembles work towards developing excellence in rhythmic accuracy, pitch discrimination, acquiring a full dynamic range, and developing musical style and vitality. The ensemble directors choose repertoire and devise a rehearsal schedule and roster, taking into account the skills of the ensemble members and the performance venue, orchestration and concert format. There may be additional rehearsals during the semester including sectional rehearsals, depending on performance commitments.

Semester Two 2020 Auditions

The UQ Symphony Orchestra and UQ Chorale will not take place this semester, as the School of Music has had to cancel all Ensemble Studies courses for this semester because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mode of teaching delivery.