Research projects involving human subjects or human-related materials may require ethics approval. As part of designing the project, you must investigate if ethics approval is required: if it is, you must obtain ethics approval before you:

  1. start collecting data;
  2. can obtain the confirmation of candidature milestone for your research higher degree.

The School of Music Research and Research Higher Degrees Committee can review research protocols from honours, masters and doctoral students, so long as:

  • The project involves no more than low risk (research is "low risk" where the only foreseeable risk is one of discomfort), and
  • The School Committee considers that it does not require institutional review by a University ethics committee.

Students wishing to complete a research project that requires ethics approval must review the School of Music guidelines for obtaining ethics approval, then submit the application form and all required attachments (such as information and consent sheets) to for consideration by the Committee. If the application is not approved, you may make amendments and resubmit for reconsideration: if your application is not approved following resubmission, you cannot undertake the proposed research project.

If you enrol in a semester-long research thesis or project course and ethics approval is not granted for your project by the end of the second teaching week, you cannot undertake the proposed research project. In this case, you must either:

  1. Change your project to one that does not require ethics approval; or
  2. Drop your enrolment in the course for that semester.

Master of Music students who take option two can continue to seek approval for their proposed project and enrol in the course in the following semester.