UQ Music Technologist releases audio-visual single: FOREVER

30 June 2020

UQ lecturer Chris Perren has released FOREVER; a three-and-a-half-minute audiovisual work created under the Software of Seagulls moniker. 

Chris describes the new work as a tangle of huge synths and stark geometric shapes.

While Chris has been known for utilising understated and textural sounds in the past, he has changed trajectory for his recent release - veering into the hectic sonic territory of modern hyped-up EDM.

"...fans will quickly notice, this is EDM done wrong." Chris explains. 

"Failure to adhere to the regulation 4/4 protocols, chords that wander into the wilderness and back, and mind-bending metric modulations ensure that you will never hear FOREVER synced on an energy drink ad." 

This exciting sound world is accompanied by a uniquely intertwined sensory visual experience.

Beautiful geometric patterns in stark minimal colours dance in synchronicity due to the music, with shapes responding explicitly to snare hits while also being twisted by tense chords - the integration of sound and vision is extremely detailed and immensely satisfying. 

FOREVER has been released as an ‘audiovisual single’, with a high-quality video download and remixable stems available for purchase on Bandcamp, alongside the usual music and video streaming platforms.

It marks a new direction in the Software of Seagulls catalogue, exploring inextricable relationships of synchronised sound and vision.

Chris has been a renowned Brisbane composer for over ten years and is best known for his work with the UQ affiliate ensemble Nonsemble - a group he composes for and artistically directs. 


Video Available: Bandcamp, YouTube, Vimeo 

Audio available: Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify 

Contact: chrisperren@gmail.com