Melodies among the pages: Chapter 2 presents a curated collection of musical performances showcasing the remarkable talent nurtured by The University of Queensland. Set against the backdrop of the Alumni Book Fair, these performances are a confluence of Indigenous narratives, choral harmonies, and orchestral brilliance. 

Kicking off the series is Durriwiyn, also known as Jamaine Wilesmith, a descendant of the Biripi and Worimi peoples. Wilesmith's work is a testament to his heritage, blending traditional storytelling with a contemporary sonic palette. His intuitive approach to music manifests in a soundscape that oscillates between the tranquil and the tempestuous, promising audiences an immersive auditory experience. 

The program continues with the UQ Chamber Singers, under the guidance of Dr Graeme Morton. This ensemble brings together vocal artists from across the University's disciplines, delivering a repertoire that traverses time—from the Renaissance to present-day compositions. Their performances are not just artistic expressions but also contributions to the University's rich research culture, echoing through venues as diverse as St John's Cathedral and regional tours. 

Following is the captivating vocals of Ray April, singer-songwriter and alumni of the UQ School of Music. With her enchanting, atmospheric sound, Ray April is a musical storyteller, who explores different personas and crafts dreamy worldscapes through her songs. 

A select group from the UQ Singers present a program of solos and ensembles from the opera and music theatre worlds. This troupe are in the final stages of their preparation for their forthcoming participation in Opera Queensland’s Festival of Outback Opera, taking place at Longreach and Winton in May. 

SignWaves, the University's collective of flautists, adds a unique instrumental layer to the concert series. Led by Patrick Nolan, and with compositions from Monash Lal, the group's repertoire is a celebration of the flute's versatility.  

The program culminates with the UQ Wind Octet, led by Brian Catchlove. This vibrant group will present a program that displays the intricate interplay of melodies and harmonies as eight talented wind musicians come together to exhibit their artistry. Join them for a memorable performance that celebrates the beauty and versatility of wind instruments in this intimate setting.  

Melodies among the pages: Chapter 2 is more than a series of performances; it's a showcase of the University's commitment to cultural engagement, educational excellence, and creative exploration. The UQ Centre transforms into a stage where the university community and the public come together in appreciation of a shared musical heritage. This series is an invitation to experience the fusion of academia and artistry, a harmonic journey that celebrates UQ’s distinguished alumni and their contributions to the arts.

Registrations are not required for these concerts* - simply show up and enjoy the music!  

UQ Centre Foyer 

12–12:30pmRay April NA
1–1:30pmSignWavesPatrick Nolan

UQ Centre Lecture Theatre

11:30–12pmUQ Chamber SingersGraeme Morton
12:30–1pmUQ SingersShaun Brown
1:30–2pmUQ Wind Octet Brian Catchlove

*Please note: capacity is limited for the UQ Centre Lecture Theatre. Attendees will be welcomed into the Lecture Theatre on a first-come, first-serve basis, until capacity is reached. 

Presented as part of 'Spectrum', The University of Queensland School of Music's inaugural music festival at UQ St Lucia, and proudly associated with UQ Arts


UQ Centre, St Lucia Campus
UQ Centre Foyer and Lecture Hall