Paul Young is a Brisbane based composer, sound & digital artist, curator, researcher and drummer. He has composed and designed sound for experimental films, documentaries and theatre companies and has released music on hellosQuare records. Young has undertaken residencies while developing independent and collaborative projects. Paul co-curates Upper Partialism, has co-produced festivals and co-announces on Rusted Satellites (4zzz). His practice currently focuses on post-noise music. 

Paul has been commissioned by the Gallery of Modern Art, Boutique Theatre and HeartBeast Theatre companies, and has co-produced for festivals including SuperCell festival, Brisbane Festival and Brisbane Emerging Artists Festival (BEAF). His music has featured at the ElectroFringe festival, SuperCell Festival, ElectroFringe Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Brisbane Festival, Queensland Poetry Festival, theNOWnow, The Valley Jazz Fiesta, Crossbows Festival and The Trilling Wire Festival. He has performed throughout Europe and at acclaimed festivals such as the Adelaide Fringe Festival. 

Paul completed a Masters Degree in 2016 titled, Exploring Perspectivism in Music: Site-specific minimalist inspired compositions. [Award for Academic Excellence]