Popular Music and Technology

Housed at a world top 50 university, the UQ School of Music offers Australia’s first university music technology programs built around Ableton Live, Push and Link. With a focus on creative music making, our programs teach students to produce and arrange music, to perform live using Push, Live, and Link, and to record in a professional studio environment. Our programs also offer practical training in music for film and television, games and installation sound design, synthesis, and virtual instrument design. The UQ School of Music includes an elite conservatoire-style performance and composition program, and our music technology students regularly collaborate with players and composers from other program streams. 

Explore and reflect on the role of popular music and its use in film and television.

Understand your own response to music and the society in which you live.

Express yourself in writing and production.


Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts is available as a dual degree with many other Bachelor degrees, including the Bachelor of Music.

Bachelor of Music (Honours)

The Bachelor of Music is available as a dual degree with the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Science, and the Bachelor of Education (Secondary).