• Associate Professor Liam Viney

    Piano Performance Fellow
    Head of School
    School of Music
  • Associate Professor Denis Collins

    Associate Professor in Musicology
    Bachelor of Advanced Humanities (Musicology) Program Convenor
    Deputy Head of School
    School of Music
  • Professor Margaret Barrett

    Professor in Music Education
    Director of Research
    School of Music
  • Dr Mary Broughton

    Lecturer in Music Psychology
    Director of Research Training
    Bachelor of Arts (Music Psychology) Minor Convenor
    School of Music
  • Mr Adam Al-Chalabi

    Violin Performance Fellow
    Director of Performance and Engagement
    Associate Professor
    School of Music
  • Mr Patrick Murphy

    Cello Performance Fellow
    Director of Teaching and Learning
    Concerts Convenor
    Pulse Chamber Orchestra Convenor
    Cello Performance Fellow
    School of Music
  • Mr Gary Johnson

    School Manager
    School of Music