Performance Wellness

The School of Music wants all of our students to be performing at their best. To help you stay as well as you can, we have compiled a list of resources that can help you through your studies.

We also encourage you to talk with your instrument teachers or any other member of the School of Music staff about any issues you are facing and we will offer support.

General Wellbeing

The University provides some wellbeing services for its students, and these programs can be accessed through the links below.

UQ Student Services Wellbeing - Provides a range of mindfulness programs to help your confidence and overall wellbeing.

UQ Health Care - A campus-based health centre with GPs and nurses dedicated to the health care needs of UQ Students.

Hearing Health

UQ Audiology - A full range of hearing services, including a custom-made musician ear plug service.

UQ Student Services Counselling

Enrolled UQ Students are eligible for six free one-on-one counselling sessions each year. There are also a range of workshops and programs designed to improve your wellbeing that run throughout the year for students. More information on these services can be found here.

If you need help immediately, please call the 24/7 UQ Counselling and Crisis Line 1300 851 998.

For further help, one-on-one crisis appointments can be arranged by calling the UQ Counselling and Crisis Line during the business hours of 8:30am-4:30pmPlease notify the Student Concierge that this is what you need.

If you are a survivor of sexual misconduct or assault you can book a specialist trauma-informed counselling session through our Sexual Misconduct Support Unit.  

Performance Psychology

Musical Performance Anxiety is the experience of intense and persistent anxiety that builds before a performance.

We have compiled a range of sources below to help you deal with issues of stress and anxiety around performance. If you are having any issues with stress and anxiety, we encourage you to speak to your instrument teacher or any other member of the School of Music staff who will offer support.

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