Simon Perry, Robert Manley and Courtenay Cleary

1 September 2022 1:00pm
Performing the dark and alluring Piano Trio in C minor (1897) is musicologist/pianist Dr Simon Perry, Julliard-trained violinist Courtenay Cleary and Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Rob Manley on cello.

Broadway by the Lake

27 August 2022 4:00pm8:30pm
Duchesne College is proud to present Broadway By The Lake in conjunction with the UQ School of Music, and Cre8ion.


18 August 2022 1:00pm
Nonsemble are an Australian indie-chamber group that merges pop and classical traditions. They will present their favourite pieces from across their critically acclaimed catalogue of two EPs and two albums.

Choral Conversations

16 August 2022 12:00pm
Composition As Collaboration: Framing the co-creation compositional process as conversations with performers by Dr Robert Davidson

Pulse Chamber Orchestra

16 August 2022 11:00am
The Pulse Chamber Orchestra is an ensemble of selected School of Music string students directed by Associate Professor Adam Chalabi and Patrick Murphy.

Synchronous Vibrations

11 August 2022 1:00pm
SignWaves, a collective of flautists from The University of Queensland, will present Synchronous Vibrations. This concert embraces a diverse range of repertoire of varying ensemble strengths from solo flute to flute choir. Synchronous Vibrations will feature works by our own Monash Lal, a specialist in flute ensemble composition.

Adam Chalabi and Anna Grinberg

4 August 2022 1:00pm
Adam Chalabi and Anna Grinberg present the world premiere public performance of a recently commissioned violin sonata by renowned Australian composer Paul Stanhope.

Viney-Grinberg Duo

28 July 2022 1:00pm
This concert has been cancelled

The Solitude of the Pianist with Professor Liam Viney

9 July 2022 7:00pm
Liam Viney presents a radio show that explores strategies that pianists adopt to improve their practice and lifestyle.

City Symphony

24 June 2022 8:00am10 July 2022 8:00pm
In City Symphony, QMF and award-winning composer, mezzo-soprano, and sound artist Eve Klein (Textile Audio) invites people to immerse themselves in bespoke locations and ‘hear’ Brisbane City through music and local stories.

Patrice Connelly

17 June 2022 2:00pm
Patrice Connelly will present on her thesis, exploring the Title pages and paratextual matter of music editions of the Elizabethan and early Jacobean eras and their interconnections with society

The world of Erik Satie

11 June 2022 7:00pm
Dr Simon Perry will present the music of Erik Satie

Prize Winners Concert 1

2 June 2022 1:00pm
The UQ School of Music throughout the year promotes excellence in performance and composition by inviting students to participate in a range of competitions.

Instant music

26 May 2022 1:00pm
A large ensemble of improvisers will invent music in real time, responding to each other's visual and audible cues, creating melodies, rhythms, riffs, grooves, textures and soundscapes that constantly shift and develop.

Katie Stenzel and Alex Raineri

19 May 2022 1:00pm
Katie Stenzel and Alex Raineri will play a series of works by Donizetti, Liszt, Debussy, Granados, Puccini, Gounod, Wagner, Schumann, and Strauss

Wind and Brass

17 May 2022 11:00am
This concert will feature wind and Brass Students for the UQ School of Music.

The new wave with Dr Robert Davidson

14 May 2022 7:00pm
This program focuses on music from the 20th and 21st centuries composed by women. Many different styles appear, and composers from Australia are juxtaposed with those from Russia, France, the UK, Germany and the USA.

Patrick Nolan, Lucy Reeves and Robert Manley

12 May 2022 1:00pm
Patrick Nolan (flute), Lucy Reeves (harp) and Rob Manley (cello and piano) present Mozart’s elegant classicism and the exotic impressionist landscapes and sparkling brilliance of undercelebrated Belgian composer Joseph Jongen.

Music and Country

8 May 2022 2:00pm
William Barton will perform alongside the UQ Symphony Orchestra (UQSO) as the 2022 Kinnane Distinguished Musician-in-Residence as part of the 2022 Vice-Chancellor's Concert Series. William will revisit his collaboration with former Head of the UQ School of Music Professor Philip Bračanin while also playing alongside violinist Véronique Serret and his mother Aunty Delmae Barton.

Percussion Dynamics

5 May 2022 1:00pm
Dr Mary Broughton will join Jacob Enoka and Angus Wilson to present an afternoon of percussion music. The concert will also feature UQ students Ella Kay-Butterworth and William Elvin, who has arranged Histoire du Tango (1986) for flute and percussion. There will be an opportunity to contribute to UQ research at this concert.